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Jerusalem Retreat Centre athithy thrissur tourism
Jerusalem Retreat Centre athithy thrissur tourism

Jerusalem Retreat Centre One of the largest Catholic retreat centre in the world. Over 10 million pilgrims from all over the world have attended retreats here since 1995. 1.Marian Mandapam The journey from conception of Marian Mandapam to construction and consecration is a hymn of gratitude to our Blessed Mother from her grateful children, who leaded the earnest place of the great visionary Fr. Davis Pattath. He established Jerusalem centre in Sept. 1995.A unique Marvelous Architectural wonder .A building with a small structural foundation which a slowly widens when it go to top.All most 75 feet height without windows and staircase. Specially ramps take you up slowly and take you down. Holy litany of Mother Mary and major incidents in the her life is engraved on the walls and covered with glass.Pre recorded musical littany in different language can be heard in stereophonic sound system .On the top Mother Mary's picture venerated in different parts of the world are etched in Belgian glass. Marian devotes can meditate silently in the circular Hall.Holy Relics of 116 Saints are kept with utmost care. Relics of the Apostles St. Peter, St. Paul, St, Thomas ,St Jude are valuable Treasure. In the ground floor Holy Relics of the Cross in which Jesus Christ died is kept inside. Monstrance and people can adore the Holy Cross. Marian Mandapam is the only place in the universe where you can see the Holy Relics of 116 Saints. .We invite you to visit ?Maria Mandapam. 2.Via Maria Through Mother Mary to Jesus Christ is the substance of catholic faith. Abraham is called the father of believers in old Testaments .Mother Mary is the mother of all believers in the catholic Church. Via Maria is the virtuous, decorous path of Mother Mary. Seven sorrows of Mother Mary life is depicted inside lily flowers. A prayerful spiritual meditation gives spiritual growth and liberties the faithful from the bondages of sin Meditation on Mother Mary sorrows gives us strength to suffer sorrows of life in close union with Jesus Christ. 3.Jerusalem Cross Holy Cross is the sign of victory even from the period of Emperor Constantine and saint Helena- Holy Cross gives protection to individuals, vehicles, families and institutions . Jerusalem Cross is a shelter for the people of god of all religions. There are 14 steps on either side to climb to the base of cross. The 14 steps remembers the 14 stations of 'way of cross" and the passion of Jesus Christ .The Cross rises from the human heart. The desires of the Heart should be conquered by the cross of Jesus Christ. 4.Spiritual Park The green lawns, flowers, fruit tree remind us the Garden of Eden. The calm, cool, serene atmosphere reminds the power of creations the Almighty God, The Omnipresent god and we feel the presence of god every where. The beautiful eye catching Spiritual Park arranged in Jerusalem campus provides a prayer atmosphere to visitors walk in holiness live a life totally pleasing to God. 5.Devotional Square (John 1:9)-If we confess our sins, he who is faithful and just, will forgive us our sins and cleans us from all unrighteousness.Arrangements have been made for confessions 24 hours in 365 days throughout the years. People can confess in Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi and English. Confession the major steps to salvation will take you, from where you are to where God has designed you to be in his presence. The wooden confession boxes are the testimony to date of the number of sinners who have forgiving love in the holy sacramental of confession. 6.Chavara Grotto Blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara, one of the founding fathers and the first Superior General of C.M.I.(Carmelites of Mary Immaculate) congregation of the Catholic Church, died on January 3rd, 1871 in the odor of sanctity leaving behind him the high reputation of a very holy monk.He was declared blessed on February 8, 1986 by His Holiness Pope John Paul II .Chavara Grotto is a spiritual resort and holy shrine for thousands of Devotees, who gather for prayer and beacon of light is preserved here.

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History & Culture
History & Culture
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